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Close your eyes and turn up the volume

like us on FacebookDo you remember when certain albums essentially demanded that you put on a good pair of headphones, so you could turn up the volume, close your eyes and hear every little detail of the music? We think this is one of those albums.

Were an Orange County, California-based band called Clever Stranger. Our debut album is now available. Friends through past original music projects, the four of us decided to write a new collection of songs that defied categorization. We drew inspiration from the different styles of music wed each grown up with. As melody composers and lyricists we brought unique approaches to the creative table. Yes, its definitely rock and roll, but if you listen carefully youll clearly hear elements of country music, funk and hip-hop.

The process of writing, refining and recording the CDs ten songs took us over eighteen months to complete. Much energy and passion went into each composition. These are songs about love not just desire and passion, but also betrayal, a broken heart, learning a lesson and trying to love again. We want you, our listeners, to tap your feet, nod your head, laugh a little, and maybe even cry a little.

Making music is in our soul. We hope these songs will touch yours.Thanks, signed by the band





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Clever Stranger recently released our debut album. You can hear all ten songs on our Facebook page's BandPage tab. (Please click the 'Like' button while you're there.)

Since audio quality of CDs is better than MP3 files, we recommend that you treat yourself (or a friend) to the entire disc, which comes in an attractive, full-color, multi-panel, Earth-friendly digipak, complete with album notes. CD Baby is our CD distribution partner. Use the convenient and safe CD Baby selection tool below to buy the CD or individual songs.

If you a see big white space below it's because Apple devices such as iPads can't display Flash. No problem! Just head to the Apple iTunes store to hear and buy our songs. It's also easy to get our music from too. SoundCloud allows you to hear our full songs. And you can listen to us on Spotify.

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Whatever you choose, thank you for supporting independent music projects like Clever Stranger.